Thanks to Microsoft, RPA is going mainstream.

Phil Fersht of HFS Research posted an interesting development in RPA’s technology adoption.

From my perspective; for a technologies to become widely used (like e-mail and smartphones) they must be;
1. easy to use,
2. offer a high value to cost ratio and
3. must have an enabler that can scale them.

RPA’s primary adoption driver UiPath has;
1. brought the ease of use down with their development of StudioX,
2. which is free for personal use,
3. but (as to date) has yet to scale to become a household name.

Enter Microsoft;
1. their Power Automate product is (touted to be) as easy as StudioX and
2. is now free for attended use (unattended cloud RPA’s require a subscription).
3. Phil Fersht indicates that Microsoft will include Power Automate in a future release of Windows.
By then it will instantly be in the hands all households and businesses that use Windows.

That’s a significant score on all 3 requirements for adoption. Interesting times are coming for #RPA driven #performanceimprovement. For now I’ve downloaded Power Automate and am going to give it a spin. How about you?
The free option is nearly in the fine print, but it’s there!

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