Oscar Ommert MSc is a successful Procurement Practitioner, Manager and Consultant. His focus is on Performance Improvement, in which he is influenced by his experience in Post-M&A and Corporate Recovery situations His entrepreneurial spirit led him to relocate from The Netherlands to the San Francisco Bay Area, arriving there in early 2020. In his quest to drive ultimate procurement performance, this blog is a record of his adventure and an invitation to respond, share, connect and collaborate.

Oscar is available to achieve similar results for your organization in a permanent position. Projects, gigs and consulting are also possible, either in an hourly rate, a fixed-fee or no-cure-no-pay construction.
Please contact him via LinkedIn.

  • Thanks to Microsoft, RPA is going mainstream.
    Phil Fersht of HFS Research posted an interesting development in RPA’s technology adoption. https://www.horsesforsources.com/rpa-is-alive_030321 From my perspective; for a technologies to become widely used (like e-mail and smartphones) they must be; 1. easy to use, 2. offer a high value to cost ratio and 3. must have an enabler that can scale them. RPA’s primary…
  • Smarter Together: It’s Procurement and Finance’s Time to Lead
    Over the last week I’ve attended Sourcing Industry Groups Global Executive Summit. The Keynote was by Coupa’s CFO Todd Ford on “Smarter Together: It’s Procurement and Finance’s Time to Lead”.In it Todd shared a couple CFO insights on interdepartmental collaboration that are core to Procurement Performance Improvement. First: over 60% of CPO’s report into the…